Danny Bolero plays Nina’s overprotective father Kevin and the owner of Rosario’s Car Service which he feel compelled to sell to help Nina with her tuition. Mr. Bolero is sturdy in both acting and singing with his commanding baritone voice on display.  His emotional solos in “Inútil (Useless)” and “Atención” are stellar

"Danny Bolero in particular excels at lending an impressive depth to the performances."


cCray and Bolero’s relationship is the emotional foundation of the show, as it is both heartbreaking and lovely seeing the caretakers engage with the troubled people that have, over the years, become their friends


How could we not heartbreakingly fall in love with Kevin during his solo, Inutil (Useless), as he questions his manhood because of his inability to pay his daughter's way through school? 

The beautiful “Tamales” sung by Danny Bolero’s Manuel, as he recounts his life with his late wife seen through their preparation of the title dish, is a little gem that could warrant a musical of its own. Hudes’ sensual lyrics and McKeown’s unintrusive score transported me to being five years old in my great-grandmother’s kitchen,
Written by: Jose Solis
When, early in the play, Bolero’s Michael coos at the frightened Citrona, he sounds like a parent comforting a child, but there are sexual overtones in his voice that make him come off as deeply creepy
Written by: Jose Solis
El Sol Que Tu Eres," tenderly sung a cappella by imported Equity actor Danny Bolero as Chavez and Lanella Marie Zotter as Chavez's mother, Juana, that brought that rare, hair-rising-on-the-back-of-your-neck magic to the stage. The charismatic Bolero gives a nuanced performance of Chavez as an elder and then a determined young man.